Friday, September 24, 2010

1263 : To be born again….

"'To be born again,' sang Gibreel Farishta tumbling from the heavens, 'first you have to die. Ho ji! To land upon the bosomy earth, first one needs to fly. Tat-taa! Taka-thun! How to ever smile again, if first you won't cry? How to win the darling's love, mister, without a sigh? Baba, if you want to get born again...'

(SR, SV….the start of the book, and one of the best passages I have ever read!!)

My converse corollary,just composed, “to die, you first have to be born…..Ho Ji !to fly in its flashy skies, you first have to be born on the bosomy earth. Tat-taa! Taka-thun! Before you cry, you don’t necessarily have to learn to smile. How to never sigh and yet never win your darling’s love? Baba, if you want to die someday ….”

I have just been enamored by the “being born”. Bloody death can wait….bide its lazy time!!

(The time and date is so very apt for this post!!)

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