Sunday, September 12, 2010

1256 : The elevator pitch…

Picture this.

You happen to enter an elevator either at your apartment complex or work (or anywhere for that matter) and everyone who gets in (all of whom are some remote instance of an acquaintance) stares intently at the display (as if focussing your energy is an essential bit of making the elevator pause at your desired floor.) Everyone is awkward, nervous, fidgety and uncomfortable in their skin.The more sopho ones will stare into their smart phone or the blackberry.

I find this behavior fascinating. 50 years ago, you would only do something like this, if your co-passenger in the lift was nude was something….get the drift?

Modern man, on the other hand, seems to be shy of real human interaction. An email, an sms, a facebook scrap, or even a tweet is fine…whoa!!!…a real carbon dioxide exhaling specimen…..let me stare at the lift display instead !!

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