Sunday, September 05, 2010

1246 : Tere Khayal Ki(from Leela)

I like all songs from the movie Leela….most of them sung and composed by Jagjit. In the song called Tere Khayal Ki, there is this 3 liner which I really like. Its phenomenal in terms of metaphor (and then I sit and wonder, why English Poetry can never (re)kindle such imagery….)

Bade itafaak se milte hain milne waale mujhe 
Woh mere dost hai, teri wafa mein jeete hain

I often wonder why the only friends who seem to meet me (ever) are the ones who inadvertently bump into me….ironically…they are in namesake my buddies, but they seem to only thrive on yearning (for you) !!

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