Thursday, September 02, 2010

1242 : What is life?

My mom has a deteriorating eye condition. She lost a large part of her sense of smell quite a few years ago.

She still continues to work 13 hrs a day, she travels 300 days in a year, and cooks some fabulous meals (sans the smell!!).

If I ever sat down wondering “what is the right way to live life?”, I think the world just slapped back an answer,  loud enough( for me) to see and savor (and hear of course :-)….while the wide walls around you keep contracting and closing up, you keep running hard and fast along the borders of the square, till someday eventually the walls will (and have to) collapse into a singsong singularity.

Mom, I love you. Biology be damned.

(The world tutors you in strange and abject ways:-))

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