Monday, August 23, 2010

1237 : Or maybe I am a fatalist after all? All ready and nowhwere to go

Picture this.
Yesterday I was in this bangalore mumbai go air flight delayed by over 4 hrs.
My second domestic delay in under 6 weeks ( the last one was a 9 hour long wait at mumbai airport )
People at the airport seems agitated with the staff as if bile is the solution to the world's problems.
I could not get myself to even feel for the problem. The only point at which I was slightly iffy was when I was told the flight might be cancelled for the day. My disinterest in even wanting to know the flight status surprised even me. It was not like I was travelling without an agenda. I had my sis and mom waiting back home.
Indifference can either be death or "enlightment achieved under the gauva tree".
Choice is yours ))

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