Monday, August 23, 2010

1236 : Money lives, money masters

I can't but help marvel how money is so central to our "sense of belonging".
I have come across many definitions of "green" the best being EF Schumacher calling it a "privilege to own/expend natural resources".

It amazes me how much power and reassurance this "privilege" exerts over mankind. I perceive this obsession as man's perennial struggle to view his essentially non deterministic life’s events, through an "illusory lens" of determinism.
Money gives us this false promise of "control" and for years the best amongst us have been suckered into it.

The smarter ones will take a step back and realize that money is good for an iphone4, is essential for the new 5 series - but that's about where it all ends.
Ask the 20 million in pakistan who are fighting a flood.

Am I a fatalist ? Nope not yet, but I don't believe it helps in being deterministic beyond a single day (quite literally live for the day!!). The rest is still being churned by the universe's number cruncher (to eventually exgurgiate 42 )

Till then, our intermediate fascination with numbers and size will continue to molly coddle us. Its only blood that eventually moves the body. Thought for the day - Red is a far more relevant color than green!!

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