Sunday, August 15, 2010

1223 : To live is to…

I was talking to someone yesterday and was in my elemental preachy self :-)

He asked me, what in my opinion is “life”….was almost tempted to answer “42”, but refrained.

To me, life is this continuous movement in a direction where one breaks charades and see the underlying reality. A la almost “search for boson particle”.

In everyday life, if you paint, you push yourself to paint better and better (whatever better means to you). If you drive, or wash cars, or dance or whatever…the same truism prevails.

At the point we become complacent, and believe we are in steady state….our process of dying begins.

The minute we compromise, the process of dying begins…(but we all compromise, does that we are all dying all the time…YES!!)

My favorite analogy in this territory remains, “ever seen how a working lady – seems to age 5 years in one – once she stops working”….or for that matter, my own dad looked 70 a year post he retired at 60.

Does that mean, we should work till we die….not really, but we should definitely have that driving ambition to get better at something…cooking, photography, gardening, singing, a new language maybe.

To not aspire to grow is to die….and we often assume we have “arrived” in life….a little too early than usual….and that my friend, is the beginning of the end.

If you understand what I have tried to preach here (how terrible !!), you will know what drives a Buffet or a Dick Fuld, or a Ratan Tata.

Let the war begin. The battlelines are irrevocably drawn!!

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1 comment:

R said...

'To not aspire to grow is to die'
very well said. I like this post :)