Friday, August 13, 2010

1220 : Random musings

Weary. You want to run against the wind, your mind is tired and discharged – almost like a run amok sound factory. You sit and ponder what could have been.

Memory. A photo is more than an image to me, just like a music is more than harmony to me. It moves me – something shifts. Makes me want to go out and aggrandize.

Poyhum. Have been struggling to put pen on paper for quite some days now. A sign that there is clutter and chaos that needs spring cleaning. Its poignant to remember, we are still in the beginning of a harsh winter.

Indebted. I have been consistently putting off for tomorrow, what should ideally have been done yesterday. The irony is not lost on me – some day there shall neither be a bright tomorrow nor a heavy yesterday.

Edge. Every transaction has an edge, has a border, a nameless corner, beyond which lies the unknown. Sometimes I have gone out, and discovered water outside the well, and at others I have fallen over the precipice. Am at an edge again – what should I do? The idea of discovering new waters does not necessarily motivate me like it once did.

Old. When new waters don’t tingle tangle you.

Carbon copy. The term acquires new meanings, when you realize that humans are pre-demoninantly composed of carbon (other than water and oxygen). My little one is quite literally my carbon copy.

Old. Is also the end of new.

Musings. What you meditate upon.

Random. All our lives, our decisions, our waters and our blood…nothing more than a bunch of probablity.

Ashes. Again carbon. Your ashes are always within you, they just choose a right moment to become apparent.

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1 comment:

mr bojangles said...

has anyone told you, your writing is getting better and better and better still