Tuesday, August 10, 2010

1217 : The pregnant bride wore white

A gorgeous someone(muah!!) in my life is reading “Mills and Boons : The Pregnant Bride Wore White”.

From the blurb

“Keri Overton thought her one night of passion with Jake McCoy would be her only memory of him - until she discovered she was pregnant with his child. Fortunately a safe haven beckoned: Jake's hometown of Chance City. Too bad he was out of town. Permanently, it seemed.
But imagine her surprise at a surprise baby-shower guest: the child's father! And everyone expected these "soul mates" to marry, so marry they did. Could their in-name-only union possibly turn into the real thing?”



Suddenly the “everyday surprises” in Bengaluru seem to so completely pale over in comparison :-)))))

Love ya gorgeous….you made me roll and laugh like a baby today !!

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