Sunday, August 08, 2010

1211: Modak – Organic food

In Koramangla at Bangalore, is this nice organic food joint called Modak. Its a typical “ghati” (Maharashtrian…and I mean to use the term in  a loving familiar way….) food place.

We have been there twice already. The food is simple, nice and Organic (with a capital O…:-))

Its difficult to put a foot wrong here if you like non-spicy, western India, organic vegetarian food.

The food is hot and piping, almost home style. A typical thali (all ingredients unlimited) would set you back by around 140INR.

I would recommend this highly to someone who wants a lazy mom-like home food.

Overall 8/10. Already in my favourite places list in Bangalore – in addition to Toscano @ UB City.


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1 comment:

Carlos said...

do they have service like
organic food delivered to your house? because when i feel like eating but I don't have the energy to buy myself food that can satisfy my hunger and can maintain my health... sometimes all i really need is a good and reliable company that delivers food, fast! XD