Monday, July 19, 2010

1197 : Like a mother to a child….

Picture this.

On the first floor of a nearby wing in my complex. A lady comes out with her sleeping kid onto her open balcony. She sits on a plastic chair, stretches her leg and lets the sleeping kid snore on.

The lady looks around, peacefully breathing in the new fresh morning…a brand new day.

This happens every day including weekends, usually between 615 to 645ish.

I don't really know what value this ritual adds to her….but to me it lends some tranquil. Its almost like I my morning obeisance at a temple. (I get to see this every single day, that I manage to get up and go for a jog).

Hopefully some things never really go out of fashion…..I pray, (an atheist at that ?) that let this music continue to play.

Reminded me of 698 - Peace is in your hands… how I terribly miss my little buddy :-)

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