Monday, July 19, 2010

1196 : What a run job can teach you…

I have always maintained, running is my urban meditation. It keeps me sane in a increasing chaos filled universe. It helps me clean up my mind, restart critical processes and almost a “la daily spring cleaning of the head”.

I also find a lot of parallels between everyday life and the act of jogging itself. Usually (my) the mind conjures up a hazaar excuses every morning, why its not a good day for a run….the most simplest being, lets snore a bit more, I shall come back from evening and then have a quick jog.

What I have learnt (for myself), if you let allow yourself to compromise, just once….that is precedent enough for you to use that an “a priori” repeatedly.

Just like what I see in my own life….

I compromise on some point…and the leakage seeps all through.

My earlier manager used to say “Life is but a set of carefully chosen compromises”….I for one, still  believe in that naive Ayn Rand’s John Galt world….. “Its not ideal around me, but that does not mean I give up my ideal”…..

I wonder how long will this naivety will last…Looks like some day soon the glass could crack ))

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