Tuesday, July 13, 2010

1188 : Space and its impact on human thinking

An idea that has captivated me for quite some years is the impact of “space” (or the perspective of it) and how it inadvertently impacts the development of the human mind.

What lends credence to this line is – when I meet people from Tokyo and Bombay (myself included) – their desire to add “economy” into every aspect of their life is striking. As if, their perpetual battle with space, has now become a war with time and even their state of being.

Converse the outlook. An Australian or a Texan is so much expansive in their ability to factor in “life and living”.

Purists keep debating about the pros and cons that “economy” and “expanse” teach us and how they shape our minds.

To each his own….Till then…..

I could not help but marvel how a city like New York is the perfect blend of both. You have the Grand Central Park waltzing right into Times Square.

(If by now, you have not realized my infatuation with New York….I will accept that I am a terrible writer.

Someday….I will choose. Till then, it is me living and sharing my city with “knicker gangs” :-)

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