Monday, June 14, 2010

1172 :Age no Bar, Caste bar bar…

Funnily enough, the subject of cooking seems to dominate most first few rounds of conversation amongst acquaintances here….Do you have a cook? How is her work? and then straight off to what items are usually cooked!

So, before finding out enough about my family, this lady I’ve met only twice, comments on how Mallus put coconut in every food item, and adds derogatorily, “How do they possibly eat such stuff?”

I really wanted to see the expression on her face when i would say ‘Btw, I am married to a Mallu and I love the coconut added in all their food items!’ I don’t mind your views on coconut, but I do mind your derogatory comments, lady!

Then there is the Kannadiga maid who said almost snidely about the cook …‘She is a Bangali’…and refuses to talk to the ‘outsider’ whenever they happen to be working together. Ironically she works for an ‘outsider’ as well! Looks like Money wins over biases though!

Why are we like this? It seems,  for some of us,  castiesm is cast in stone….What I would have shrugged off on any other day as ‘Chalta hain’, refuses to budge away…So many biases, why, why, oh why?

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

my thoughts are why do we not experience so much animosity or fear of the unknown factor in bombay, i have heard time and again similar comments in different parts of US among indians, not realated to cooks ofcourse but in general lifestyle etc. Is Bombay so cosmo that we dont care or is it because theres not enough majority in bombay of one particular language(i defer to call it caste because caste is whole another issue even among people speaking the same languages)