Wednesday, June 30, 2010

1183 : 101 – How to create a gang that terrorizes common scumbags :-)

Bangalore has been abound with rumors (facts) about a biker gang – supposedly a group of folks who ride in groups of 2-3 in black pulsars with number plates in vernacular language (how much more specific can be a gang’s demographic description be….wonder wonder!!).

These folks supposedly look out for single folks riding in cars – they put blocks in your way suggesting that you might have caused an accident – and ask you to pay up since the fictitious “impacted” individual is a goon’s son. They supposedly force you to an ATM and coerce as much cash as they can out of you.

Why am I telling you folks these horror stories….(which are straight in the league and legions of Raman Raghav !!)


Spousey and I thought, (on similar lines) there might be a market for “knicker gang” (rhymes with biker gang).

Modus Operandi - Old hairy hirsute aunties (and uncles) will accost your car with old soiled undergarments…..stinky ones…..knock on your car window. Once you roll down your window, they shall asphyxiate you with these knickers and make you unconscious. Once you are knocked down (usually in about 5 seconds), they shall decamp with your valuables.

Any takers for this great idea. Bikers are dead (and so very passé), long live knicker kicker !!

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