Sunday, June 20, 2010

1178 : Do you have a lift?

Picture this.

I am at this upmarket swank furniture store at Bangalore. One of the big irritants across all these (similar looking and feeling) stores is – they dont seem to have organized the stuff in their large stores. So for example, if you are looking for lounge seating – that item is all over the place. You have 1 piece on 3rd floor and another on the left corner of the 1st floor and so on…get the drift?

If you like two pieces, unlike you have a photographic memory – to compare between the two, you have to traverse the floors down and up.

So…coming back….I enter this huge store and a sales guy immediately accosted us. He spoke decent English – but was obviously not “listening well”. He was too much in a hurry to “answer” then to “listen first”.

This led to innumerable inefficiencies in the conversation. The one that got my bone going was :

Me : So what do you have on the 3rd floor ? (Knowing fully well – that the item I am looking for will have “samples” spread all across the length and breadth of the store…so in effect, was trying to find out should I travel down and up the 3rd floor as well).
SalesGuy : Yes sir. (In a thick Mamooty Accent…he was a thoroughbred Mallu).
Me : (Unsure whether he got the question at all, repeat it…this time in a louder voice). What do you have on the 3rd floor?
SalesGuy : Do you have a lift?
Me : What lift ? Lift where?
SalesGuy : Sir….lift…?
Me : You mean at my apartment building?
SalesGuy : (Nods vigorously)
Me : Yes.
SalesGuy : Okay sir, then we can deliver to the 3rd floor.

My case rests.

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