Friday, June 11, 2010

1169 : Unhurried life for dummies

I jog around my complex. While trying to run (ha ha hee hee!!), I try to look around (like the sage said) and absorb the world around me.

Picture this.

All houses have two balconey’s at least. On the third floor of a neighboring wing, at around 6am sharp a youngish couple (say around 30 – difficult to say with my telephoto vision), both come out with two cups (and saucers…seriously) – white in color. They sit on plastic chairs with a plastic tea stool. For 30 minutes they sit and chat and all the while they stare vacuously at the lake (which is near our home).

Then at around 630, the girl goes off, and guy starts reading a yellow daily.

I stop at around 645…and the guy is still around. I have been doing this for the past 12 days and this routine is as predictable as clock work.

As I keep telling spousey, I have running buddies….not all of them run…some of them sip tea….some of them drop their kids to the school bus…..some of them do yoga….but it is damn reassuring to see these rituals played out everyday in front of you.

Blue reassuring clockwork in a garden city, which otherwise does not seem to know how to use “watches”.

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