Wednesday, June 09, 2010

1165: Of Seaz stories and Agony Aunts

I bet you read that one as sleaze stories!! But this is really about seaz…. sorry if this sounded seazy!! (You’ll figure out what I am referring to!)

Maid 1 who does the house cleaning tells me of her financial plans, what she would like her work portfolio to be and her roadmap to get to Rs. X monthly earnings. All this over a 15 min chat that i absolutely did not trigger…

Enter maid 2 who does the cooking. Now this lady tells me interesting stories of a ‘foren’ house she cooks for…In this house all they eat is ice water soaked lettuce, purple cabbage, cut seaz (that’s what how she pronounces cheese) and apples sprinkled with parsley and rosemary!! Apparently her boss likes seaz so much that she eats a slice of seaz in the loo as well….Yeah…Yuck! Whatever!

Apart from the entertainment value it provides me, and me figuring out that the maids here know English and are trilingual…I wonder what prompts these folks to pour their stories out to me!!

Maybe they see a person sitting quietly with her laptop and feel it necessary to get me talking  just to ensure I am alive :) … or ….they see through the agony aunt that I supposedly am….But those days are literally more than a decade ago, when almost half of my college knew me and folks would stop by and talk to me about their lives (Never mind that at the age of 18, the topics were more about love, friendship, rejection, proposals bla bla!!)

Maybe some things never change!!

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