Monday, June 07, 2010

1163: Daastaney Sifar…Sunoh Yahaan

Was listening to Lucky Ali’s ‘Sifar’ after ages…If I liked ‘Sunoh’, this was an album I completely fell in love with ….The songs are poetry woven with philosophy so magically….that you could hear them on repeat without getting bored…

My favorite song in the album is its title song ‘Baadalon Ki Gahrayee’….it’s almost like the grand culmination of all the other songs….I heard this after probably 5 years, and it still brings that feeling of stillness and the awe for the poetry and the music. The clock could be chiming by but I couldn’t be bothered, I had to cherish this song and feel one with the universe. If you haven’t heard it yet, do listen to it a few times to get their flavor…. Just like you would let wine remain on your tongue for a few moments and not just gulp it down!!

For those of you interested in poetry, here are the lyrics:

Baadalon Ki Gahrayee Mein Soche Kya Huzoor
Unche Unche Chahre Hain, Zameen Se Kitne Door!
Aahein Bharti Hain Yeh Thandi Havaa
Aise Rangeen Raahon Mein Ab Hamko Kya Hua
Chand Se Taaron Ka Hai,aapas Ka Faasla
Beach Mein Yeh Gahna Hai, Yeh Gahna Duniya
Iss Duniya Ko Kahte Majboor.
Mitadiya Khud Hasti Ko Yeh Hai Kiska Kusoor?
Tamanna Hai Yahi, Aise Yon Kabhi,
Hum Basaayein Koi, Naya Jahan.
Aashnaa Ho Yeh Dil, Pyar Ke Kaabil,
Saaz Aesi Bhi Ho, Sune Jahaan.
Musaafir Ko Mile Raasta,
Zamane Ko Mile Waasta.
Kaise Kaise Parwaano Ki Baatein Mashahoor
Jaise Ye Nazraane Hain Vaise Hain Ye Saroor
Hain Yakeen Dil Mein, Subah Aaayegi Zaroor.
Mitega Yeh Andhera, Hoga Har Ek Shay Mein Noor.
Pyar Karte Idhar, Shay Bante Idhar,
Daastan-e-sifar Sunoh Yahan.
Yeh Bhi Honge Khafa, Kya Pata Kya Gila,
Har Kadam Pe Mile Koi Naya.
Musafir Ko Mile Raasta.
Zamaane Ko Mile Vaasta.

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