Sunday, June 06, 2010

1160 : Switch off your engine at the signal…. and your brains forever :-)

Around World Environment Day – all Oil Companies and Government agencies – all get into this, “lets educate the moron” mode.

So ads, fliers, and posters educate you on the merits of switching off your engine at signals even if it is for 30 seconds.

I find it a ridiculously “emperor’s new clothes” exercise. I don’t think switching off my engine will save even .01 % of my daily fuel compensation. I don’t usually ever switch off my engine at all – unless its a 5 minute signal – because the stress on our engines are highest at “start” times – and they consume the most fuel and oil then. So I would let my engine idle and rest, than play the “start-stop-start” fiddle (For heaven’s sake, don’t educate me in engineering – and then try and bullshit your way around :-))

What will help me save over 10% a month is better roads. I drive on arterial roads, which have moon sized craters in the middle of the road – change that and the million cars which pass through them – will all zip through in overdrive, not user their brakes.

I suggest, we go slow on jingo and do some real def dingo common sense corrections. Mend our rules – enforce an oil change in cars every 6 months at least. All of these will save the nation so much more than ads, posters and fliers.

And of course – build new airports – because the amount of fuel we spent taxi-ing is ridiculous. And having airports 70 miles from the city is as ridiculous as condemning you at birth  to have an carbon footprint of a Boeing dinosaur.

The emperor is naked, and lets all call him nangu-pangu. Its time we got comfortable with spartan nudity :-)

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