Sunday, June 06, 2010

1158 : Completely forked up

We are all where we are today, because we took one of the choices at a fork, at some point in the past. We took the “preferred” choices then because that's what we thought would work out best.


Today, you do sit and wonder, how would life have been, had you taken the other leg of the fork? And in the same breath you also realize that you are so far down “this” shit, that even the point of no-return is way way back in the past.

How often do you feel like this? Me, not often – I usually don’t allow myself to even mentally re-evaluate “forks” – remember, we only live once.

But then, I am human too – and every now and then – I sit and wonder. The answers are hard - and very frankly, completely useless. Inspite of knowing that, my brain still works with these “lost” possibilities – harnessing the very same skill that allows me to play chess – the ability to deal with “what if”.

Where is this piece going, I think its all completely “forked” up.

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