Saturday, June 05, 2010

1155 : Harmony (and melody…and a singasong)

Prashant and I were talking yesterday, and I was telling him that (in my view) the eventual goal of all human beings should (could) be to seek harmony and peace (quiet).

Harmony is all about balance and equitable apportionment of your life around the resources that you “need”, “give” and “have”.

You rarely see a couple (married or otherwise) in modern times who have “harmonized” themselves….and very (if at all)infrequently you chance upon a harmonized individual.

I am so very far from harmony in my life (that it is even ceased to be a goal in my life), though I think I have got quite a bit of “quiet” on (aha…interesting tautology!!). Prashant on the other hand, seems so deeply immersed in “Harmony” that he is perennially swimming in it (could not resist that dig…it was waiting to be taken) :-)

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1 comment:

mr bojangles said...

well, the goal is to try reach one's maximum potential, which in turn would give one peace and quiet. basically, it's the discrepancy between reality and one's self-worth that creates most internal conflicts. basically think of what evolution needs.. etc etc