Saturday, June 05, 2010

1154 : Lady, take a bow :-)

I am not too much of a feminist (I am more of an equalist….I mean I don't like the idea of a positive bias….which is essentially what ribald feminism is).

In the past 2 months….I have met 2 young girls….who each have 2 children…..have a fairly successful career…..seem to be balanced in their personal lives as well…and my oh my, they look really fit (not necessarily beautiful or slim, but fit….they look like they hit the gym everyday).

I for one, can’t seem to balance between just two items – my work and my health – I wonder how do these ladies do it. You see them at work, and you could easily mistake them to one of those workaholic success craving junkie…..they love their work, and are extremely passionate about it. It shows.

What gives a human being, so much reserves….an ability to balance 3-5 lives, go for your “change the world” trip (as I see it, your “work” is essentially your desire and ability to change and contribute (back) to the world…its incidental that it makes money for us), and focus enough on oneself as well.

I wish, I could take a leaf out of their books…just that I don’t know them well enough…..but enough can be learned by just respecting their ability to balance and harmonize.

“Mother” is the mother of all innovation.


My sister has two kids of her own too. And is she an inspiration? I HAVE to say Yes :-) On a more correct note, she is not the fittest, but she is gorgeous enough, does that qualify???

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