Saturday, June 05, 2010

1153 : Heel thyself naturalist:-)

I have this nagging heel pain on my right foot – for which I have done nothing save wearing an ankle brace at times.

I have been using that as an excuse not to run for over 2 months (thats how long this nonsense has lasted).

And then, last week I said…ch(f)uck it and started running.

My heel is already feeling better, though it is under more stress than ever.

It only re-affirms my naturalist roots. Like I cut myself today morning, fairly deep one. Let it be…no medicine…not anti-inflammatory… will heal itself. Let the body’s innate intelligence work its magic.

I survive months and years without medicines – except of course for some legacy reason, I chomp 6 pills at night, and use bottles of cold rub balm(for my migraine and sinus), as if they were some vitamin supplements.

Try the naturalist route, you will surprised how little help our bodies need, if you respect its intelligence.

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