Sunday, May 30, 2010

1143 : Shaken like a monkey :-)

The monkey in you has inhabited this forest for quite some time. You know every tree, when it flowers, when the fruits ripen ; you even know who you are competing with. Everything is mapped out. A learning animal that you are, you have constantly innovated and shown enterprise in your everyday life. Other monkeys look upon you as a role model…they go “beta, become like Amit one day….look how many bananas he manages to eat and get home everyday.”

One day…the volcano comes – burns down your part of the forest.


You relocate to another forest. New unknown trees, existing set of monkeys and other animals. Some of them, at least monkeys seem to look upon you with compassion – the same emotion which a “refugee nomad” evokes in most people. The others have their territorial pissings and declare war.

The old experiences help you. The trees look the the same, all apple trees flower and fruit at almost the same time in this forest as well (given it is geographically close to the other one)….so a lot of past knowledge can be used here.

And yet, it is different. You are now no longer the role model, the “know all, be all” monkey. You are yet another monkey, trying to piss fast enough to mark territory.

Every day, the monkey knowing fully well this is an essential fight for survival, mutters ever so softly under his breath, “this is going to be such a long journey” !!

Monkey Me. Monkey Do.

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