Saturday, May 29, 2010

1141 : Breaking news : Hyde just murdered Jekyll – and my earth is all fine :-)

I think I have posted on a similar vein in the past…but its still in my foreground, so thought why not, go at it again?

Picture this. You are this young hotshot turk who is the CEO of this go-getting organization. All you were ever taught is “go for it, kid”; “sock them up, daddy”;”kick ass and deliver” ….get the drift. You are in late 30s, early 40s and all you have ever known is how to live hard.

Meanwhile on the domestic side, you have a beautiful picture perfect wife and kids…and maybe she is equally kick ass too (see I am no sexist)…..and yet at home you are supposed to be this sensitive, “under the skin warm” kind of person…..and do-gooder, the family’s Santa Claus.

How long before either of “you" meld into the other and start creating conflicts?

Seriously, how long?

I see way too many broken marriages (or mid life career crisis's) in and around my colleagues. All a clear result of one “you” overpowering the other.

I think the conflict does not arise because any of these are lacking or deficient people – the conflict arises because we are taught to be compulsive schizophrenics – but after a certain point – one identity surely and slowly starts overpowering the other – and then, all hell breaks loose.

(On a different note, its a similar conflict – when we push our kids to excel at engineering and sciences and then tell them and “oh by the way we have to do a Satyanarayana Puja” – the two twangs simply don't meet – and eventually at some point – an impregnable and unassailable irrationality will set in – within the kid….because one of his identities will overpower the other. In this case, either ways the end conclusion is the same – it does not matter which identity overpowers whom.)

We often assume, that all of this is fart, and we can safely live with our duplicity – we try to shove our implicit dual lives under the carpet – we behave as if we were king ostriches ; my point is – all duplicity will (and has to) eventually catch up – the question is not “will it”, the question is “when”.

Bide your time.

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Anonymous said...

Amit, this is great. Very good analysis. I have stumbled on your blog through your mom's who has an awesome space. I really enjoy your comedy and seriousness of life.

vertigo said...

I love Jekyll! its a series in BBC, Anyways, tell me this mr Amithab, is kesh hyde??! :/