Friday, May 28, 2010

1140 : He’s got the look

Picture this.

You are driving in India. (Pick any city of your choice). You need to nudge and push…there is no concept of a right of way here.

So yesterday, I am driving on a narrow lane, and the guy in the opposite car, while passing by, halts by for just that wheeny second and gives me “the stare” – the stare of “you jackass commoner, when the sahibs drive, don’t you know better than to stay away”.

10 years ago I would have shuddered – like a wimpy little kid. Now I just growl back – as in, I just stare back – that deep look of “disgust and annihilation” oozing in oodles out of me.

What I have learnt – that staring is a process of sizing up. If the “stares” match up – no words are exchanged – and the territorial pissings are abandoned. If I had whimpered, when he would have stared, he would have also pronounced a few verbal/and maybe physical abuses onto me.

Why am I saying all this? Just to illustrate, that in modern life, posturing is (almost) everything :-)

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