Friday, May 28, 2010

1139 : Blind man who taught me how to hear (and see)

I have some issues with my workplace at an operating level (like everyone does)…..but at the broader level….I just love it. Everyone constantly pushes themselves.

Like for example, 2 weeks ago they onboarded a visually challenged person. In order to make the person comfortable, they braille enabled the whole place, including loos.

And then yesterday, I finally saw this person. He was being helped into office by two girls from within his team. All 3 of them were animatedly discussing something while they were walking towards his seat.

One observation though….

When we talk (as when we have a visual conversation), we look at the other person’s face and eyes. Yesterday, I could see the two girls still constantly looking into his face – peering, reading him, even as they were listening……and the guy too was (trying to)peer into emptiness, aligning his head with the direction of the sound.

I could not help but marvel, how difficult it must for him to understand the complete subtext of a conversation. So much of our everyday conversation is visual….and yet….he seemed to have adjusted to it…..seemed to be at peace with the disability.

Next time, you encounter a blind person…see…look at them…observe…..don’t confine them to your blind spot ))

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1 comment:

Viji said...

What a lesson ! Thanks Amit