Tuesday, May 25, 2010

1137 : I think I am in a class of my own – alone !!

Thats what our (or my) survival instinct tells me whenever I lose. What did I lose now?

I had participated in this 150 word story contest from Hindustan Times, called “One Amazing Story”. The results trickled in 2 days ago….and they were not good for my godzilla ego.

Sob sob :-)

Here are the results and winning entries…..http://www.hindustantimes.com/News-Feed/books/The-HT-Penguin-India-One-Amazing-Story-contest/Article1-546711.aspx 

My entry was for 148 words.


See a familiar face waft across – someone I knew well until recently, but had “lost touch” with. Walk across to him, and give him a whack of “familiarity” on this back. Thump!!. He turns around.

“Yes??”. “Ajit??”. “Ajit who?”. “We worked together for two years, don’t you remember?”.
The face, made of steel, gives nothing away – it looks straight through me, just like a beam of laser. By now, I am feeling sheepish, embarrassed and terribly disconcerted. I know its Ajit, he looks like him, talks like him, carbon copy mannerisms…and yet he is not “he”.

“Sorry, I think I have made a mistake. Apologize for the whack.” “Oh no, that’s fine. Such mistakes do happen. Have a nice day.”
Dementia? Avoiding the world? Identical twin? Time relapse? – Either him or me was part of these symptoms. Which one?

The “lost Ajit” was holding a mirror to me.

Comments welcome. Hopefully the godzilla can be massaged :-)

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Unknown said...

In my opinion based on the winners the judges were just looking for something supernatural rather than writing skills.
Dont let them get you keep writing!

Amitabh said...

godzilla felt better :-) thank you

SSV said...

donno.. whether this is a rubbing on ur wounds or .. a massaging of ur ego .. but ... loved the earlier written nurse story a lot more than this one! Understand the limitations... guess its 150 to 500 words in comparison.... but still prefer the latter!
May b its the dim wit in me who wants things to be untwined or the connoisseur who prefers detailing :P ...