Monday, May 24, 2010

1136 : Holy God (Men) !!



From the same issue of Tehelka, Baba Ramdev speaking on his political ambitions makes the following statements at various places within the interview (he has started a party now!!)

- Politicians should die if they can’t give security to people (speaking on the Maoist issues)
- I want a law that seeks death for corruption, adultery, rape, dowry and slaughter of cows.
- Capital punishment will help criminals to attain moksha
- Muslim brothers will themselves ask us to build the temple at the disputed spot. Even Muslims believe Lord Ram was their ancestor.
- (On homosexuality) All living  beings in the world engage in sex to reproduce. The problem is when people engage in sex for enjoyment. Homosexuals cannot reproduce and hence they are unnatural.

The frivolity of some of these views did not surprise me, I kind of always expected it from our “thought leaders”. What thoroughly bemused me was the violence, implicit in most of these statements. That’s very strange to me, that too, coming from an “enlightened” man.

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