Tuesday, May 11, 2010

1121 : Outlook 2010

I have been using Outlook 2010, and its far more non-intuitive, than Outlook 2007. Microsoft which used to be one of my most admired companies, seems to be just losing it.

Outlook 2010 (of course in Beta) is really terrible. So is Office 2010.

My 2 piece :

1. Microsoft seems to want to compete with Apple and make their UI more intuitive (does'n’t translate into the end product – the product designers lost the plot) – and in that process they abstracted more of the product behind some “auto configure” kind of facade.
2. But they seem to have lost the basic (common sense) tricks. If they really wanted to make it simple, why not have have a desktop shortcut saying “Send and receive from amitabh at gmail dot com” or something to that effect versus you still having to launch outlook, click send and receive, and then choose all headers.

I think being “easy to use” comes from making it “simple” – abstracting the complexity versus abstracting the functionality – which is was sadly Outlook 2010 ends up doing.

As a beta user 1 out of 5 stars for this product.

I really wish, my favorite company, pulls the socks up against my other favorite fruit :-) Would love to watch this Bantam title played out.

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