Saturday, May 08, 2010

1116 : Un – rahmanised

I have listening to the promos of Ravaan (OST) – and invariably the same thought crosses my mind (similar to one which happens when I first hear a new Rahman). A combo of Rahman, Gulzar – will make make hummable music – but not necessarily long lasting music.

At least thats the way it works for me.

In the commercial genre – I find myself humming Vishal Bharadhwaj, Gulzar combo 5 years later – whereas I find myself familiar with the more hummable (but immenently forgettable) Rahman.

I think what distinguishes Vishal-Gulzar for me – is the fun they seem to have while producing the composition – which I think Rahman cannot afford (a luxury) when you are composing a thousand songs a year.

Another big difference is that, the OST of a Vishal movie in themselves tell a story – hear Ishqiya in the the order they are laid out on the CD – and you will get my joke.

I still love Maqbool, Kaminey, Ishqiya and the ilk….In terms of Rahman…I still struggle to put my finger on a single soundtrack which I will take with me to my grave.

I know a million rahman fans out there – who shall give me grief for this post. Please keep it coming :-)

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Sharath said...

Do u listen to Ilayaraja. Would like to get your thoughts on his music.

Rizzvi said...

Good post. Vishal and Gulzar sir... good effort in Ishqiya.

bythewindowsill said...

I wonder if it is because of many instruments..

and I agree, rahman cannot afford to be soulful always... but vellai pookal, vidai kudu endhan bhoomi, azhage sugama... are some evergreen numbers if you know tamil.
~w.s. :-)

bythewindowsill said...

and I do think gulzar did a better job than vairamuthu for raavan/an.

Lost Soul said...

As a afficianado of hindi lyrics, give a try to some of the songs of Udaan, esp. Naav. I think you should like tat one and I believe it would be here on the blog with its translation. thought a musical post would be appropriate to suggest you a song..

Read this blog long back and really love this song..