Sunday, May 02, 2010

1107 : Cottages are expensive (and rightfully so:-)

I needed to get a few passport photos quickly in my new city. (My dear Bombay, how I miss ya….20 photos in about 10 mins). So I walk upto this photo store with a USB key containing my photo.

This is how my conversation with him goes…

Me : I need passport photos asap.
ShopKeeper(SK) : Saar, will be available by Tuesday.
Me : Can’t I have it tomorrow please?
SK : Saar, tomorrow Sunday no….(that should explain everything!!)
Me : Ok, how much will it cost?
SK : 115
Me : Why so expensive?
SK : Because of cottage.
Me : (Terribly distracted, wonder if he is referring to the mall as the cottage). What cottage?
SK : Saar, cottage is expensive.
Me : (dumb me, I still don't get it it) What is cottage?
SK : Saar, cottage to print.
(Thats when I realize, he means “cartridge”). BTW, he continued referring to it as “cottage” throughout.

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1 comment:

satish said...

You should have a weekly DHL jumbo box dispatched from Bombay, I'm sure it will be cheaper and stress free :)