Saturday, May 01, 2010

1106 : English as a foreign language -1

English for me is as foreign as "idli sambar"....I grew up with it, but in the city I am currently, I can see, why that might so very quickly change :-)

Was at the cafeteria yesterday (on floor 0), and floor 1 has some additional seating. Floor 0 seemed crowded and did not have enough place to sit and grab a meal...and thats when I overheard this conversation (reproduced almost verbatim) :

A : This full ya. Lets go to top ya.
B : Top will be same ra.

More examples will be added in due course.

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Vinay @ said...

:-) .. you should also hear the "kano" and "saar" a fair bit.

e.g., "hes not coming, lets go kano"
"what kano why r u doing like that?"

Amitabh said...

Sounds like an interesting new language....I am still struggling to integrate "kano" into my lingo :-)