Wednesday, April 28, 2010

1100 : Endgame

A house is never big enough. Gourmet food is not available in enough palettes. Vacations always seem like one hurried compressed project plan. Conversations are so out of fashion. “Transactions” is what define living. “Friends and relatives” invariably refers to your office colleagues. The next car is always planned and constantly being budgeted for. The race is to make your kid “successful”, rather than a better human being. Your mother is never more than a phone call away, but you don’t ever have time to talk more than 60 seconds. Your sister is “another clutch” living in another town. We all have mobiles, facebook, email – yet we know so little about our siblings day to day lives. Maids, washing machines, cooks – all create “time” (as in free up your time) – but these never seem to trickle down to the call you wanted to place to your love. Crying is passé. Smiling and laughing are further passé. Holding hands is now being “soft in the head”. Hugging is being sentimental. To want to be with someone is considered “mushy” and old worldish.

Does this tale sound eerily familiar?

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SSV said...

ripped off n reproduced on my blog ... :))