Tuesday, April 27, 2010

1099 : Breaking News - Fashionistas – Hear Hear - Socks and skirts are the new trend

Okay….there is a new fashion trend in town….and I want to take complete universal credit to be the first to break this news to the larger (rounder) world. :-)

I have encountered so many babes in Bangalore who wear nice neat looking skirts with decent tops, decent shoes – but…its a big big BUT…..they wear full ankle length dark socks….in essence they are “smart” but for the dark long mind-numbing socks. (And yes, they are socks – not stockings.)

I am not much of a fashion conscious guy…for me, fashion is what is easy on the eye (Like for example, NOT wearing a US style tee, inside your shirt, for a dark skinned guy, like all of us Indians, is nothing short of a visual jarr, a color aberration – and hence a BIG fashion faux pas. (The naked “v” around the neck is such a visual irritant….my one fashion “do” is – always wear a white US tee, under your shirt or T-shirt…cover your nakedness and your dark skin.)

Similarly the dark socks under the pretty skirt, is such a fashion faux pas, it almost jarrs you out of your sleepy reverie. It just rocks your eyes into recognizing something is not right at all.

Fashion should ideally be an easy meld of function, convention, personal style, and spirit.

Now that is so much harder to achieve than to say :-)

Till we achieve that utopia, I shall sore my eyes red and yellow with the socks and skirt combo.

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