Tuesday, April 27, 2010

1098 : Boobquake did not happen (sigh)

In response to the Tehran Cleric citing that promiscuity amongst women, as being the root cause of the world earthquakes – Jen Mcreight, a student at Purdue – had sought all women in the world, on Monday (26th) to show a little more cleavage and in consequence, will an earthquake.

Monday is gone and I am disappointed:
1. Did not see any earthquake causing cleavage at Bangalore yesterday. (Still waiting, Bangloreans are a bit slow…so maybe Tuesday is the new Monday for us).
2. Supposedly 50,000 odd women participated in this globally and yet nothing happened.

Can you imagine if “boobquake” – an earthquake caused by flashing boobs were a real possibility – how much fun it would be. Like the erstwhile Goddess’ of Indian Mythology, who had anger perennially on their noses, the modern women, who share their anger, could simply flash and shake the whole damn place up. Retribution in most cases would be fast, and the person being punished would hopefully (possibly) enjoy it as well.

I am a feminist movement supporter (on that I am serious :-)), and I feel, with the boobquake theory being proved so horribly wrong, women’s lib has been pushed back by at least 50 years.

Women’s Lib. Boobquake. Bangalore Participation. RIP.

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