Monday, April 26, 2010

1095 : Relief, the earth is back on its axis….

I have the un-enviable “job” of being a implicit role model to about a dozen toddlers (nephews, nieces, buddies and the ilk)…and my worst nightmare if, years later, their mommies and poppies are going to point at me(from far :-)) and say, “thats the influence which gave my kid “these” shades….else my little Twinkle would never even utter 3 letter words, let alone 4 letter ones”. Get the drift?

I can be quite a handful, when I am just being myself. Continuing from the example from above, I use “f**k”, almost as if it were part of the “magic” series…..I am almost closing to one day saying “can you f**k pass me the salt”….versus “can you please….”; and “holy f**k” where a simple “sorry” would suffice.

And believe me, that’s just one of my gray shades.

And then….

Last week, I met somebody who was comfortably using the word “screw” and “f**k” in front of his 10 year daughter. The “unconventional” discussion continued to include Deepika Padukone’s love (thankfully not sex) life….

And guess what….the daughter is pretty, gritty, sassy and smart…..everything I want my daughter ever to be. My guess is, she is, what she is, in this case, because her parents treat her like “one of them”, as an adult….they talk the same things with her, which they would talk with a colleague at a water cooler…..

If my guess is right, I am saved….the earth is back to spinning on a wheel.

….and not to forget, my daughter will be the sassiest belle in town. Fingers crossed :-)

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