Sunday, April 25, 2010

1094 : Magic, innocence and the ilk

My little nephew (2 year old) meets me and hugs me, as if, I was some dear long lost buddy of his. When he sees me after a week or a fortnight, he does not say things like "you did not call up", "oh, you finally found some time", "you look thinner", "did you get me a gift".....none of that at all (not that he talks much, but even if he did, I bet, he would not say these things.)

All he does is run upto me, beaming like scotty, hug me, laugh, jump and kick my groin (ahem!!), but all in all, he just seems so genuinely and plainly delighted to see me.

That state of being is magical (for him to be, and for me to see :-))

We don’t need J Krishnamurti, or Osho, or Dalai Lama - teaching us how to be happy - we have our own little ones to teach us.

My little buddy makes my weekend trips (back) to bby so completely worth the pain.

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