Saturday, April 24, 2010

1092 : You could be “mine”….

I have blogged on this topic many times in various flavors. My concept of “mine” is so very different from the “conventional” definition. I can adopt parents, friends, sisters, puppies, aunts, uncles, sons, daughters…. – and vice versa, am most willing to be adopted.

I like to look at myself like an Hydrogen Atom, who freewheels with oxygen to form water, with sulphur to form acid and can survive in itself. I like to freewheel because I base my assumptions on the fundamental “impermanency” of the world around me….We live in a fragile world. Having 3 sets of parents helps….seriously it does.

I find it strange, and almost alien, on how many of us continue to divide “us” versus “them”, “mine” versus “his”….

Just last week, I was talking to someone who was telling me that his cook is the 16 year old son of their maid….and I was in principle fine with “his being employed” (damn the text bookish child labor laws) – what surprised me was, that there was no intent from his side to steer the 16 year old towards some form of education (be it a school, or be a living craft – like say carpentry). Would we have dealt with this similarly, if this was “ours”?

I have non-biological parents, non-biological sisters  – and I sincerely believe they are as much “mine” as the hair on my head (which is receding…ahem :-))

“Mine” is a very limited concept…..we should try and look at it with a “negative” filter.

I believe, the more we constrict, the lesser we get, the more we “adopt” the richer our lives are. “Aazmaon toh sahi”……and life will pay you back multifold.

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