Saturday, April 24, 2010

1091 : The art of “being”….

I find it fascinating of how we all constantly fill up time with something to “worry about”, (and this includes me…as well). The idea seems to be to jump from monkey to monkey till you start behaving as a ordained orangutan :-)

I call this being “transactional” – like for example,

1. Spousey and I spending 10 minutes at 10am deciding what we should eat at 7pm today……(only to realize at 7pm, that the plans cannot be honored)…..

2. The dhobi says “from today the cost of iron pressing clothes is 5 versus 3 earlier” and we spend 20 minutes talking to him asking him the why, how and bargaining.

3. Kid cough a bit and mom is all worried – could that be serious, can this be the start of a 10 day viral…..

You get the joke right. We all do it, and we all do it all the time.

I want to stop doing this. I want to get less transactional – I want to talk more “conversational” and less “transactional”, I want to hear more music  and less of “fuss”, I want to “eat in the moment” and not a “gastronomical project plan”, I want to “play with my nephew” and not bother about his college admission (he is 2 now :-))….In short, I want to stop “trying to live” and for a change actually start someplace.

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SSV said...

May b u must try Isha foundation thing ?? heard of it ? his views harp on the same lines... pursuit of happiness vs an experience of happiness! ... dont totally agree with him though! ..

Amitabh said...

I am healthily suspiscious of anything that sounds like "foundation", has a "bearded" office bearer, and appears to be milking what is a "genuine human void" versus really trying to address it.
I have read 2 books by Isha foundation....I know some past of those folks. Not for me :-)
My pursuit will come to fruition with the Leh drive and back - a 6000km odessey - 2011 Leh odessey :-)