Sunday, April 18, 2010

1090 : Pin this up, some useful ‘insights’….

Was reading an interview of Eddy Merckx, Seven time “Tour De France” winner, aged 65.

EddyMerckx-vi eddie%20merckx

Some very interesting soundbytes from that interview.

- They say professional cyclists have to sacrifice a lot, that they can’t booze, they can’t booze, they can’t eat on a whim, they can’t go for parties. People say Eddy Mercx had to sacrifice a lot. I disagree. Say Eddy Mercx boozed a lot, went for parties and gorged on good food, missing out on his passion for bicycling. Now that would have been a sacrifice.

- Compete against yourself, thats what professional cycling is all about.

- Being famous is bad. The only thing worse than being famous is not being famous.

- Success is 45 percent hard work, 5 percent luck and 50 percent natural talent.  But here’s the catch : you wont know how much natural talent you have till you work really hard.

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1 comment:

Praveen said...

the first quote makes all the other quotes by famous sportsmen on their sacrifices sound meaningless!