Wednesday, March 17, 2010

1085 : Its triple witching…and I am smiling

I usually dislike macro change….I have admitted that  before, and that comes from my own (supposed) “private personality” side. I would rather talk to a blog, than sit and have a chat with a stranger – which ironically has the very same end result.

At this point I am changing physical location, I am changing my employer (from an organization where I virtually know every single person including the door security to a place where I know not a soul), and I am going through a fairly “life altering” set of changes on my personal side.

Knowing my own past predilection to try and swim around these changes, rather than face them – this time around I am telling myself – “enjoy maadi, life cannot ever be any more interesting !!”

I know a few things:
1. That my resistance is immature and kiddish. I am telling myself, its  healthy nervousness, use it well.
2. All of these changes are for what I perceive as the better….so the “metamorphosis” is the price you pay.
2. I will definitely look upon these times, 12 months from now and beam wider (like Scotty !!)…so why not start the “teeth showing” today.

Blue baby blue….all night long !!

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1 comment:

Lakshmi Rammohan said...

i like the summary :) fairly reflective of a similar time in my life...the anonymity of blog readers and the absence of an immediate response from ur sounding board are what keep me from blogging, i prefer the living breathing version...i think :P stumbled on ur's looking for the translation of iktara...thank you for it..! must say i disagree with the listings for 2009 tho - gendha phool & raat ke dhai baje were fair contenders too especially lyrically (who says bush shirt any more?? i loved it!) were others, but i'll save that for another time! good luck with the shift!