Tuesday, March 16, 2010

1081 : Induction Cooker

Given my tragic tale of despondence (now I do sound like DevD right), relating to cooking LPG in my new city….I decided to short circuit it and turn the problem on its head.

Since the past 7 days, since I have been here, I have been cooking on induction cooktops.

Supposedly they are way too efficient and cheaper as compared to LPG as well. They are about 30% more efficient than LPG, and about 85% more efficient than hotplates.

I own two of these. The Prestige PIC 2.0 (costing 4k odd) is 2000W, is a stunning piece of kitchen ware; and the Pigeon 1800W one, which is much more understated, and costs only about 2.7k.

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So what are the minor irritants?
1. You cannot use aluminum, copper and anodized vessels. You have to use plain old steel.
2. You have to hunt a good stainless steel cooker. I managed to get one free with Pigeon.
3. The flatter the base the better for each vessel.

What are the ultra cool jingbangs?
1. You can touch a vessel full of boiling sambar. I really don’t know how but only the bottom of the vessel seems hot.
2. Water in a steel vessel boils in less than 15 seconds when placed on the top.
3. Only the area which the vessel has contact consumes power, the rest of the power is not used.
4. Max power is 2000/1800, you can use it at 200W plus, for slow cooking.
5. If you reduce the wattage, the heat reduces immediately, just as fast as LPG.
6. Completely child safe.

I must say these things are so convenient. Who needs an LPG when you have these alternatives.

A big thanks to those who misuse my tax money and don’t even provide me with an LPG.

LPG is dead, long live the induction cooker.

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