Tuesday, March 16, 2010

1075 : Change and the late bloomer

I usually don’t deal well with (macro) change….with micro alterations, like a project out of schedule, or a fuse getting burned out, or a family member falling ill – I deal well because I can react quickly, but macro items – like moving a city, setting up a new home – in fact most planned changes – I struggle in the initial days.

The good part is,  I have seen it multiple times, that if others take 10 days to adjust to a change, I usually take 15, but once I have caught up, I manage to beat them at their game.

Unlike me, my wife loves (macro) changes, and deals terribly with micro changes – so in that sense we complement each other well – and make sure we fray each other’s nerves completely to a point of freaking out :-)

Makes me seriously wonder, what makes me a late bloomer, and what makes my wife love the very same process I hate. What in our formative, or otherwise, experiences, led us to be two such different individuals in the real world.

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