Friday, March 12, 2010

1073 : Change is inevitable (and the associated humbug)

I have heard this adage since I was a kid, and yet it makes little or no (applicable) sense to me.

I am currently going through quite a few changes in my life, I classify at least a few of them as “major" – and very honestly, I struggle to adjust with them.

Call it my own infallibility, but I struggle with lifestyle changes – though conversely I am probably the other extreme when it comes to “change” and its “challenges” at a work place – but in my personal day to day life, I love the comfort of “routine”.

I agree with the motherhood adage, that “change is inevitable”, I would add to it and say, given enough time, “acceptance of that chance is also inevitable”.

Why then have an adage then? To make people like me look at our own selves as “change challenged” – maybe.

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