Saturday, February 20, 2010

1071 : The best things in life are free and off the curve

Caught up with mom for a quick coffee yesterday. So much happening in our lives, I needed that 10 minutes of “concentrated oversight” to feel reassured, and thats precisely what she did.

She told me something that I have already experienced multiple times,  but hearing it from her (again) felt good. She said something to this effect….

“Whenever life offers ya choices, invariably, the “right” choice might appear very difficult and out of reach. No matter how abstruse they appear, always go for the “right” choice, especially if you have the necessary conviction and gumption, overcome your insipid inertia – and then, as time unfolds, the rest of your life shall begin to beautifully adjust around it. At a point later, you shall always be so very glad, that you chose the “right” rather than the “easier” .”.

This advice is totally free and ridiculously simple, and yet it is so very  monstrously difficult to cultivate. I am glad I have someone to constantly remind me of it, at times almost like a chaperone, at others, silently encouraging my journey into what is “right”.

Thank Ya !! (Mom’s were (originally always) meant to be lighthouses anyway, so maybe I should not spend any of my gratitude on her ;-))))

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Neets said...

Most welcome to judge. I have seen some in that list and some i havent. The dumb choices might be sweet home alabama... anythhing else that is equally bad or even worse on that list? let me know. not that the list will change... but i like knowing what others think.

My eyes welled at what your mom said. its so true. my current situation reminds me every day that a choice i made is so tiring and wears me off. but i believe this is what i have to do... even if it is going to take me years.

Gayatri said...

It was quite refreshing reading your posts (or snooping into your life:))

the advise from your mother (and many other quotes/words) were like those perfect words at the perfect timing kinda thing.

wish you well in life.

ekosky said...

is song?