Saturday, February 20, 2010

1070 : Dumb it down, missy !!

Looks like the favorite preoccupation of this sign and times and is to “dumb it down”. Walk into “Crossword” and you shall see the “top sellers” full of local “pop fiction” – which is so inane and so full of bad English (exemplified by a glaring gaping role model called Chetan Bhagat), that my heart almost always miserably weeps.

Walk into movies and you shall struggle to find any subtleties, every bit of the plot is explained via spoken words (we forget that movies are essentially a visual medium…remember the silent era !!).

If the last few decades were full of physical laziness and winding down, the next few look like they shall be a journey into atrophy of the intellect.

Sit tight, wear your seatbelts, the ride has already begun !!

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