Monday, February 08, 2010

1063 : Atypical response to a atypical situation

If you show behavior traits of being off the curve, the universe around usually responds in two ways.
1. Around 70 to 80% of the world around wants simply to see you break. They want you to conform, jump into the larger lumpen.
2. A smaller population of around 20% wants to help you in a way, such that you can bend around the conforms of the world, and life for both sides of the divide easier.

What's kind of (very) sad, is the 3rd (missing!!) category, of folks who will want to try out the different, because they see you practice it, virtually don’t exist. They actually do, but because they are so small (less than 1%) that there is no statistical sense in plotting them.

If  my data collection sense is right, the world does not portend well for John Galt, neither does it bestow any favors on itself.

I have often argued this point to death,  with friends and family, that unless we encourage our children and cherished ones to taste the wine from the “off the curve” cellar, we shall never allow them to trudge the path of personal greatness – because “personal greatness” involves flirting with the borders of the 3 sigma curve :-) (at the least !!)

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