Sunday, February 07, 2010

1061 : D Company

Yesterday, we heard about a “couple” who is (more like) family to us - were separating. I was slightly surprised, but not very shocked. In my view, flowing apart is as natural as coming together… most cases, its a question of when, rather than why.

Amongst other things spoken, was a comment I heard, “but they appeared such good friends, and like they were really getting along.”

On the drive later that night, I was telling spousey, that if two people decide to separate amicably, invariably it means “their friendship is multiple times more honest and mature” than an average marriage or relationship – so in effect I don’t see any dichotomy between “great friendship” and separation.

Living together, or marriage is as much more of an inspirational symbol than a modern reality – and as my favorite aphorism goes – we often confuse symbols with reality, so much so that some point believing that the only reality is the facade of symbols.

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